Should you go get your RE license?

There is plenty of discussion on this topic. Here is my take: I’m pros when it come to getting your realtor license. It has benefit me years over years. below are some of the main point. This is one of the thing where you don’t have to have it, but it is really nice to have it:

  1. Run your own property evaluation
    • How many time you have to wait on another realtor to give you comps? By the time he or she get back to the offer after showing, run the comps and send it to you. Somebody probably already put in the contract. Take a look at this deal for example in the Success Stories. I ran the comps in 5 mins and go grab the house right away before other buyers show up. You won’t be able to do this if you don’t have access to the MLS.
  2. Sell your own house
    • Although I don’t think it’s a good idea anymore. You have the benefit of saving 3% commission when you sell your own house. It is always good to have the listing agent to act as a buffer between you and the buyer’s side, but when the money is tight, hey 3% of 300k house is 9k. That’s a big chunk of saving there, especially when you flip
  3. Represent yourself
    • This is probably my favorite. By representing myself. I have a lot of option to purchase the property as far as having control on my commission. One of my recent deal i discussed in the success stories board, i gave up my commission for the deal to happen. I might have selling myself short but hey, at least i got the deal done that could have been done in no other way.

Of course there is other cons such as the fee you have to pay to subscribe to the MLS, the continuing education, the paperwork nightmare of the agent and all the red tape that come with it. However, The pros has been outweigh the cons for me so far.

What will you do now? Should you go get your license?

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