Things to look out for when doing the inspection yourself

Sometime the deal is good and you don’t have time to wait for an inspector or contractor to arrive to baby sit you through the walk through process: here are some major thing to look out for other than cosmetic to make sure there are no surprise during the rehab. I learned it the hard way unfortunately

The big 3: Roof, Foundation, and AC.

These are the 3 most single expensive repair for the house. If the roof is old, uneven, and you see leak inside the house. It would be a good idea to budget for the roof.

Same thing with the foundation. If you see crack in the door/window/ brick. Door doesn’t close. budget for the foundation as well. Nobody want to buy / rent a house with foundation problem

And then there is the AC. If it doesn’t turn on, or look beat up, I would budget for the whole system. it’s better be safe than sorry

Water Heater: If it looks beat up, it probably won’t work. it’s as simple as that

Main electrical box: replacing one will cost thousands. Make sure you look at it and see if it even there..

Termite: inspect any expose wood to see if there is any termite sign. punch the wall if you can

Plumbing: turn on all the water to see if anything doesn’t drain properly or overflowing

Tree: insurance agent doesn’t like tree hanging over the roof. make sure you budget to cut it off

Anything else that i miss, please comment below

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