Do and don’t when selling your house

  • Do your homework. Shop around for agent. You will be surprised that not all agents are created equal. Real estate agents came from many different background and speak many different languages. Some are jack of all trade, some specialize in a specific niche, some know an area to the heart while but has no idea what’s going on at the other side of town. Some are asshole (i’m serious), some are tire kicker, and some are real professional. The key is to know what you want, and work with a agent who you can put up with. Life is already hard enough. Don’t spend time working with a person you don’t enjoy. You will pretty soon realize that top agents also interview their clients carefully simply because time is one’s greatest asset

  • Do not list above market price. house that list above market price will sit longer on the market and ended up costing you more money at the end. A good agent will be able to tell you exactly what is your house worth without ordering a pricey appraisal
  • Do ask your agent for the DOM (Day On Market). This is the best estimate tool to see how much time it might take to sell the house
  • Do make sure that your house smell good and in a broom clean condition when showing. This is purely common sense. Don’t steam something with fish sauce or curry one hour before showing.
  • Do create a warm, welcoming, and cozy environment for the house. Put in your buyer’s shoes on and walk around your house for a bit. What is the buyer expecting of a house? If it doesn’t feel like home, they will walk away, as simple as that
  • Do ask for the seller net estimate from your agent. You will be surprised that selling a house is pretty costly. It is normally 6% realtor fee on top of Titles fee, buyer cash back, Home warranty, etc. Next thing you notice you are spending a fortune just for fee already. At One Percent Listing Houston, we understand that it is very costly every single time you are selling the house. This is the reason why we only charge 1% listing fee while still delivering topnotch service to seller.
  • Stage or not stage – This is depending alots of the comps and the condition of the market. if all the comps around you stage, may be you should
  • Do meet with the appraiser. Don’t be lazy. This is the guy that will officially determine the value of your house. Is it a good idea to meet up, build rapport with him, give him everything he need and try your best to make his job easier? ABSOLUTELY
  • Don’t hide repair or defect. It will come out in the inspection. you know your house better than anyone. if there is any thing that need to be address, address it right away.
  • Do ask for buyer loan update every week. more than likely the buyer will finance the property. Do ask for the loan update every Thursday. It will 1st keep the buyer on their feet and 2nd, if there is anything need action or adjustment, you have Friday to do it, not next week.
  • Do follow up with your agent and asking for feedback. If there are 9 out of 10 showings have negative comments about your green carpet and red ceiling, maybe it’s a good idea to change the color, Don’t you think?
  • I’m pretty sure there is plenty of other Do and Don’t. Feel free to comment it below


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