I made it to 2020 ICON!!!

💪Super excited to be received another ICON agent award back to back. did you know only 2.5% agents qualify for this award per year? 🤩🤩

🏆 Yes, I love the trophy, the fame, and the recognition but the $32,000 in stock that now worth 5x time more is really what makes all the difference.🤯. EXPI is making a huge different in real estate agent life.

You can buy and sell real estate at any real estate company, but there is no other company that allows you to have ownership interest like #eXp.🧐

We preach to our clients all the time that people should be buying instead of renting. Why then do you hang your license at a brokerage and paying them the rent? 🤨

🙏 BIG BIG thank you to all my clients and business partners as always! I’m blessed to be in business with super cool and loyal clients and partners. can’t wait to see what next year will bring to us! If 2020 is the most challenging year then we got nothing to worry about!

I’m an open book. If you are looking into real estate, become an agent, an investor, let’s chat. Let see if real estate is for you, let see if eXp is for you 🔥

In the Picture: Walt Disney Concert Hall

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