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What is consider a low risk rental?

I wrote this blog probably for myself more than anyone. I just got out of a lunch appointment with my awesome banker and it is very interesting to see how banker think. Banker are Risk averse. They are train to look for thing that might go wrong in a deal, an investment and find way to mitigate it! Unless the rest of us who only see opportunity and hope for the best! sometime playing a little defense help as well especially in this market

Anyhow i’m helping him looking for a couple “low risk” rental in the houston area and i actually never thought about finding an investment this way. So what is considered a low risk rental? but still able to have a cash flow behind to support it?

What else is consider a low risk rental? Is such criteria above exist in your market?

For Houston there still is if you know where to look

In the pictures: can’t wait to go back to Vietnam and check out Jenny new home in Hue

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