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My passion for real estate combined with my desire to help others has made becoming a real estate agent a natural fit for me…

An entrepreneur with a strong passion for real estate!

Dedicated to helping real estate agent achieve their production goals, personal growth, investment objective, and financial freedom...

Hi! I'm Huy - I am just like you but..

I’m incredibly passionate about Real Estate. Real Estate, in my perspective, is one of the best vehicles on earth to preserve and multiply wealth.

I have been investing actively in the real estate market for the past eight years. My business took off in 2018 when I finally dared to let go of my full-time job and joined eXp Realty. That’s when I started helping people other than myself to buy and sell more real estate, the right kind of real estate.

Fast forward – my wife and I own and operate different businesses related to real estate that create multiple income streams. 

It allows us to take back our time, the most precious asset in life. 

Let’s live life full-time, as one of my mentors said.

I play tennis, and I read a lot. I love hanging out with like-minded people. I also find joy in helping other people achieve their goals. Enriching the lives of everyone connected to me is what drives me every day.

The blog is a way for me to give back. I didn’t get to where I am today by myself. I have help. 

I hope the content you find here will help you get to wherever you want to go!

Let’s GROW


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Most agents get into the business to attain more freedom, but end up working more.
Don’t let that be you..


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I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the real estate industry. By overcoming adversity, I’ve grown my business bigger than I ever thought possible. I want to help you do that too. Learn more on the blogs!

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How do I get started with eXp?

Joining eXp is a simple process. Simply join me on a discovery call and we can discuss your transition into our supportive and engaging team so you can grow your business and live the life of your dreams now!

What is revenue share?

Revenue share is one of the most lucrative ways to diversify your income streams and earn more money with less effort. Once you’re on the team, you can help new agents to join eXp and start earning new income streams when they begin selling real estate! It’s that easy.

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