Thứ Tư ngày 2 tháng 6 2021

Những suy nghĩ không ăn nhập vào đâu trong đầu trước khi đi ngủ. mình đã đi đúng đường chưa? mọi thứ đang tiến triển quá tốt. một điều gì kinh khủng sẽ sắp đến? mình đã sẵng sàng chưa? đây không phải là lúc để nghĩ ngơi, những đôi khi mình cũng thấy rất... Continue Reading →

The Forest Hide Away

Alrite I'm taking a break from Rev Share to write about our newest Airbnb project. This is another exciting part of our businesses right now. We fall in love with airbnb couple years ago. I still remember starting out with hosting just my room for 30 bucks a night and then eventually graduated into tiny... Continue Reading →

Revenue share day May 22

"What do you need to do right know in order to tell your own story two year later" - Elena Cardone That is one of my take a way quote during this week Share Holder Conference. The event are getting more and more intense with guest speakers and influencers coming from all over the world... Continue Reading →

Revshare day 22 of April

This very same day last year, I took on the challenge and start treating Agent Attraction like a business and become a student of leadership. The result started to show. People does not necessary follow the product. They follow the leader that are leading that product. What do we need to do every day to... Continue Reading →

Got Lemon? made Lemonade

Haven't post much about long term rental lately, which is a good thing! As they said, boring is sexy in real estate investment! Luckily it has been boring for me untill..the snow storm hit Texas and the pipe bust just like that at one of my rental Luckily the tenant is in the process of... Continue Reading →

March 22 – Revshare Day

Feature picture: The Winter Freeze on February 15 ______ Every month on the 22nd. I took a moment to stop, enjoy seeing the revshare coming in, of course, but more importantly, just to reflect what I did so far in the month. If I am off track, at least I still have a couple day... Continue Reading →

Revshare day 22nd of February

I use to think writing people's names into circles is silly and way too lame. After all, how does this make any difference?" You want to look cool and be broke, or look silly and rich" - T-Harv. Heck, I remember this quote so I write people's names into a circle anyway. Little did I... Continue Reading →

Revshare day January 22nd

Busy busy week! We are off to a great start of the year! I could not believe that I am at 67.22% cap already and have 10 transactions pending!!!!! I should have been more active on social media but oh well. Sometime the people that is the most active on social media is the one... Continue Reading →

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