If you are on the road to financial freedom. I would strong suggest to pick a audio copy of the book 10x rule by Grant Cardone. I will give you the super short summary of the book. Basically people usually under estimate the amount of work i take to reach the goal 10 Times. So in order to reach your original goal, You have to set The new Goal 10x that goal. If you made your new goal, Great. If you fail, at least you will fail back to your original goal. 

Your failure is somebody else dream. That’s how you can guarantee success.

Looking back at my life. It is pretty damn right in term of financial goal and personal goal:

  • I want an Audi R8 – I ended up short with a BMW series 3 instead
  • I want 1 million dollar in my bank by the time i’m 26. I ended up 10x short with 100k instead
  • I want an empire of the 100 houses. I ended up 10x short with 10 houses.

If i would know to set my goal 10x higher. I would have reach my original goal, even if i failed..

I wish you all have a wonderful day. Remember to 10x your day, 10x your life and your finance

See you at the Top