I recalled these from memory of a training i attended while waiting for my flat tire to be fix on the way to dallas. 1.

Be Duplicatable Everything start with duplication. imaging a thousand people do exactly the same thing you did 2. Don’t compare yourself to other people and stop looking for perfection. I’m not perfect. Exp is not perfect A Lot of people quit exp because we are not perfect when our stock are 3 dollars. What do you think they are feeling now? 3. Host Event go to event- buyer / seller / agent. Funny about event. Most top producer show up. Have u try to invite a low production agent to an event? What do tell you? excuse 4. Follow up but don’t chase people / dont mistake the persistent and consistent with desperation. Positioning -positioning when negotiating. Set yourself up or your teammate up for success. Pitch anything 5. List – get a big list it couldn’t get simpler than that. Show me your list of potential buyer, seller, agent and i ll tell u how well your 6. Accountability partner – talk to weekly daily. Cant do this alone. I think i want to quit many time. But it’s my partner who drag me along and when or she want to quit. I drag him or her along. Someone that share your vision and u work on it together 7. Stop knowing all the answer – stop being a know it all – part of the duplication process is not having all the answer. Why is it important? leverage. If people see u acting like u know everything, then they can’t see themself. Just play dumb. But there is this gal her name is Tu Anh, billy let see if we can get him on the phone 8. Fact tell, story sell. Nobody care about just list just sold, just listed. No one care about how many loan you close a month, except for your competition. But when they ll congrats for helping that buyer close a home with and adu… help the seller sell the home so he can move out of state and venture out. When her revshare covered her mortgage and she never have to worry and i will make it happen for her. Learn to attach story into every thing you do 9. Fell felt Found. Man I know how you feel, I felt the exactly same way when i sell my house, but I what I found out is…connect with people on an emotional level. 10. Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen – Real Estate agent talk too much why out the seller why and dig in 11. Throw up – throw down worst thing you can do – don’t expect your team to do it for you 12. Never ever ever ever quit – you are going to be challenge. Something is going to come along and test you. There will be a day of reckoning – but you never quit. – it that one connection, one relationship – one phone call. It will not happen when u want it to happen 13. Visualize where it is going to be? Everything you ever wanted and . Vision chart. Wealth chart keep an eye on your target. Donut hole example 14. Never forget number one