Picked up a different read this time for my miracle morning and the 1st few pages are already interesting. This is the “Little Red Book Of Selling” and it has a “few” core principles below to distinct between failure and success. I will name it all it all here. You let me know which one is your favorite:

  1. Believe you can – If u don’t believe in yourself then nobody does. I repeat, nobody
  2. Create the environment
  3. Have the right association – you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with – T- Harv
  4. Expose yourself to what’s new – Another way to look at this is trying to get into new problem. If you face with the same old problem every day then you are not growing. go out there and bring home new problem
  5. Plan for the day
  6. Become Valuable – Dont’ be selfish, help out other people please
  7. Have the answer your prospects and customers need (people don’t want fact. they want answer). To master this, you must have superior knowledge of what you do and be able to explain this to other
  8. Recognize the Opportunity. If you haven’t watch the movie Big Short yet, please do. that’s all about recognize the opportunity
  9. Take advantage of the opportunity. Well, obviously, Do something, don’t just watch
  10. Take Responsibility – even if it’s not your fault
  11. Take Action – just do it
  12. Make Mistakes – The best teacher is failure
  13. Willing to risk
  14. Keep your eyes on the prize
  15. Balance yourself between Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. Sometime you can go intentionally off balance to achieve great result but remember to swing back
  16. Invest, don’t spend
  17. Stick  at it until you win
  18. Develop and maintain and a positive Attitude

And Finally my favorite point. I don’t know why the author don’t make it point 19, but rather 18.5

“18.5 IGNORE IDIOTS AND ZEALOTS. Also known as Pukers, these people will try to rain on your parade (discourage you) because they have no parade of their own. Avoid them at all costs.”

Which one is your favorite point?