This is the 1st chapter in my 1st book - Twenties and 10+ Houses – Real Story, Real Example, Real People about Real Estate. Let me know what you guys think. All Feedback are welcomed

First and foremost, I would love to say this book is for everyone but unfortunately it’s not. If you are a lazy person, a potato couch who affair to take action, affair to go out of your comfort zone, I would suggest throwing this book into a trash can and moving on with your life. This book is not for you and probably makes you unhappy.

Still reading? I am dead serious man. If you are already happy with your life, there is no need to continue reading. Let me be clear one more time: Investing in real estate is not easy, especially with a full time job and other responsibility in life. It required sacrificed, persistent, consistent, commitment, and the most important thing: the willing to do whatever it take to get thing done and move yourself into the next level. If it’s too easy, everybody would be rich already, right?

Are you ready for this?

Most people don’t.

For the rest of you that continue reading: let me guess, you are a hard and smart working person that realize something is not right about your life, about this economy, about this country. You are looking for way to improve your financial life, to bring yourself and your family to the next level. This book is for you. You probably ask who am I that dare to write book that teach people about real estate investing, about money and financial freedom.

I am no body.

I’m no real estate mogul or the guy with billions dollars in the bank. I’m just the guy like you. I am not yet wealthy and I am struggling at this very moment trying to get myself to the next level. My 1st job was selling ice cream at Marble Slab for 5.25$ per hour 12 years ago. I cannot even speak English fluently and I have to work my butt off from 8 to 5 at corporate America just like everybody else.

What differentiate me from the mass?

Before my 27th birthday, I closed on 10th rental house and I am working on my 1st Mini multi-family syndication deals. I control, manage and leverage more than 2 million dollars of real estate assets for my family and myself. I have been doing all this with a full time job. I also love play tennis. I ride motorcycle, I have a pet, a girlfriend, a mom to worry about just like anyone. I am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I came to this country 12 years ago empty handed and planned to become a doctor. Oh well, that idea is now history. I could write another book about student loan and how screwed up it is.

Enough about me already! What about you? Who are you? Can you answer even that question? Are you willing to commit and do whatever it takes to move yourself to the next level? Or are you going to cry and whine about your situation like a little bitch and use it as an excuse for not taking any action?

Look around you, if you want to become wealthy, at one point you will involve in owning real estate, one way or another. There is no way around it. Real Estate is the best vehicle to protect, preserve, grow your wealth and pass it down to the next generation.

I challenged you to think past your lifetime and your children life time. Most people will say I am working for my child and I am doing everything because of my child. That’s just selfish man. Why don’t you think a little bigger and expand your thinking and action beyond your life time? Instead of working for your children’s future, why don’t you do something that your child generation and the generation after your child will have something to take on and build on? Are you going to give them your lousy 401k that can barely feed yourself? Common’s man, give me a break. Think bigger and act bigger please.

Let me give you another question to thing about: What will happen when the United States default on the dollars? In dead simple term, It will cost you 100$ to buy a tomato while your income level stay the same. The question is not if, the question is when. If it’s not on your timeline, it will be on your kids or your grandkids timeline, you probably don’t think that far, do you? Stop being so selfish and think further, far and beyond your horizon.

Look at Greece!

Real Estate is one way to protect yourself against such crisis. There will be no more middle class in America in the future. People will be either poor or wealthy

Which side you want to be on? Do you want to be the person who receives the food stamp or you want to own the super market that take the food stamp?

With the right education, commitment, and attitude, you can save yourself from the next crisis and create an abundant of wealth for generations to take on.

Are you ready to begin your journey in real estate investing?

Are you ready to begin your journey to financial freedom?

I am and I already started

If you haven’t already, you need to do it not soon, but now.