Doing some planing for next year and can’t help hide my excitement for this year! While active income is important, Jenny and I never let our eye off the ball in building cashflow and making equity. It is the cash flow that comes in consistently every month without the hustle that makes us the most proud of!

“Poor people work for cash, rich people work for equity and cash flow” Robert Kyosaki

Here is a summary of what we did to increase of cash flow this year.

Bought a rental house, the same old ponny trick still works. Instead of selling, we worked out a win win solution that benefits everyone.

Optimizing our 1st Airbnb. The lawsuit is still going on but hey, we are committed to see this until the end. I am done with being pushed around.

Opening up and our 2nd Airbnb , although is’ just a room, it is covering the entire mortgage for the building. We are planning to Airbnb the whole house later but for now, i like my downstair office!

Working on our 3rd Airbnb. #Houston will be in for a treat. If anyone needs a head start on Airbnb, let us know. We are not in the short term rental education business but happy to share.

Refinancing 3 of our rentals and pulling the equity out TAX-FREE, setting them on solid long term financing. Thanks to low-interest rate. Big shout out to Hanh. She is hand down the best loan officer on earth. You have sh*t that normal lender can’t close? Bring it to her.

Adding high-quality agents to my Rev share group. The income from just the #revshare is more than enough to cover the mortgage.  If you are interested in #exp and what we have to offer, feel free to reach out. #livingmortgagefree #expRealtyProud

I owned more than 2500+ shares of expi just by buying and selling real estate. Do you have #ownership at your brokerage or the company you are working for?

Cashing out on Nitya, This is hand down the best passive investment i ever made. I just click a couple mouse button, sit on your butt, and get paid. If you need a referral. Let me know.

Participate in an oil drilling project but unfortunately, there is no result just yet. Something it’s best to stick to what you know! Lesson learned there.

I’m less than 4 deals away from getting my #capback. Does your brokerage give you your cap back?

I couldn’t do this without the support of my clients, friends, colleagues, and family. Thank you so much, everyone. Let’s grow together.

In the pictures:

uh oh – Jenny got her barn up. u guys know what will come next!