Wow! Half of 2022 is gone and what an interesting year! I took a quick moment today slow down and review.

Coming from a guy who fix computer for a living, to owning, and operating multiple line of businesses related to Real Estate. I remember the very first day i picked up my check and ever see the government took half of what I worked for. I started looking into Real Estate as a way to get out. Fast forward now, I could not be more blessed. This journey can not be achieve without the help of friends, family, team, mentors and literary everyone I am connecting with, especially YOU! Yes! If you are reading this right now, you give me the reason to type this up!

As of the time of this writing, The Fed just hike the rate up another .75 point. Which is pretty steep in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how the market will take this. But the good thing about being a Real Estate Entrepreneur is that we can change! You can change, I can change. The Real Investor is making money and adding values, whenever the market is up, down or side way. This is a much needed correction in my opinion to flush out all the tire-kicker in the industry in my opinion.

We are half into 2022 already. I am very proud to say that I am still in production, brokering the best deal for YOU. I don’t think I can ever retired from it. I love doing deal, representing buyer, representing seller, helping them with their most important transaction of their life in real estate.

I eat my own dog food if you will so If you are going to teach people to flip. You need to be the one who flip 1st. So flipping is another line of business that we are doing. And it is busy, I can tell you that much without getting into the detail. If you are looking to build up the cash reserve. Flipping could be the best way to get you there. Flipping is absolutely not investing. Don’t get it mixed up. But it’s a good Job/Business to get into, with the right resource and mentorship.

We are still keeping up with our long term rentals. Luckily we refinance most of them out last year, sell a couple bad one and keep the good one for cashflow and tax advantage. Rent is UP! We stumble upon short term rental couple year ago before it even become a thing so that has been a great line of business as well. I love the BRRR method when it come to investing. If you combine BRRR with STR. Man oh man, the return is through the roof. Definitely take advantage of that, and we didn’t even mention about the ADU trend that we are seeing with affordability being an issue right now in the market place.

Perhaps the thing I am most passionate about is on the topic of Leadership. During the past 5 year at my brokerage, eXp Realty, I was able to built a sale organization of 197+ amazing agents, team and broker. Call it Network Marketing, call it Multi Level Marketing, Call it whatever you want. But I call it opportunity, I called it leadership, I called it life changing event. I see it as a best way for me to passthrough what i know into other people and develop them into better leader, better than me, better than themselves. The people that you met, the agent that you helped, the skill that you will be able to take away and develop on this platform will carry with you for the rest of your life. Can’t put a price tag on that.

I believe in Financial Freedom, and I invite you to believe it with me. Together we can make a big impact and other people life. You have no idea, when you show a person how to get out of the rat race and take control of their finance, and actually do it WITH them, they will be forever grateful for it.

Things are changing underneath us, market are shifting, but as long you stay true to your core, adding values to the people around you, I can only see you at the top.

What are you waiting for? Time to Roll