I happened to came across this old facebook post. I was 22 years old back then.


All i remember back then is that i was really pissed at mutual fund. I used to believe big in mutual fund, diversification and all that bs from Wall Street. I read ALL the BOOKS, went to ALL the SEMINARS, hired a Financial Advisor and guess what? NOTHING worked. My lousy Mutual Fund Portfolio was yielding me either a single digit return or, going negative when the market take a dive.

I believe i did all the right thing the books told me and my financial advisor told me. the next thing i notice. I still BROKE!

Just like anybody, i started search around for the answer and eventually landed on the grand daddy book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Long story short, it transformed my mind, and my action and it gotten me into where i am today.

It has been 5 years now and i would say the best thing i did is to fire my financial advisor who is broker than me. I took the leap of faith and commit 100% to real estate and eventually land on my 1st deal. The snowball started to build up since then.

What will you do to take control of your financial future?

Will you trust Wall Street?

Will you trust your Financial Advisor?

Or will you trust yourself?


The decision is yours and yours only to make