If anyone would have follow me on a Saturday this is might be like this

7:00 AM wake up. taking this a bit slow. Still having a little headache after some soju yesterday with our amazing gang. I should be at the tennis court by 7:00. I got angry of myself a bit for missing this but last night at Korean Garden with the group was totally worth it!

8:00 AM at tennis court. warming up and getting ready for amazing tennis

10:30 AM Cooling down, hang out with the group and head home

11:00 AM has a nice shower – cold shower – it help with the muscle recovery- then warming up nice lunch and enjoy the meal

11:45 AM some slack off time, watching junk video, responding to important email, message, phone call, Social Media, check in with my transaction coordinator, cleaner, make sure thing are good. If good, go take a nap – No good, get to work. Seem like option A is good for today

12:30 PM the amazon deliver dude woke me up just before Siri could . I took nap in the living room and he was just next to knocking the door out. …

1:00 PM make a great cup of coffee. started on this blog and couldn’t think of anything to write until now.

2:00 PM Had a great welcome call with Minh and our very 1st member in SA! Together we will build San Antonio!

3:00 PM Watching the Tennis US women final. wasn’t planning on watching it but i am glad i did. these teenagers are hand down absolutely amazing. they will the the future of the sport and inspire many others.

5:00 PM. wrapping up another call and helping Thao onboarding an amazing agent to join here with us in Houston.

5:30 PM got hungry and eat again! I promise myself this will be dinner but at the time of finishing up this blog post. I don’t think so

6:00 PM House chore, clean up, water the garden, get linen ready for airbnb tomorrow, play with the dog, go clean the car, etc and etc and etc…life is tough when mom is out and about.

7:00 PM Not sure what i did but time just fly and i haven’t done shit!!!

8:00 PM start typing this blog. I didn’t know what to write so I just start typing my day out while waiting for Jenny to get back from one of our flip projects

8:30 PM Tempting to reply some of the non urgent txt message but I won’t. It will get answer Monday morning.

9:00 Jenny finally got home. Yay! she was wrapping up one of her furnishing project. we might go eat, watch a movie, i don’t know. but i know we will spend quality time together. phone usually out of the window after 9:00 PM

12:00 1:00 AM get ready for bed, and another beautiful morning tomorrow.

This perhaps will contradict with most of what people will see, or perceive on social media about real estate agent. And by the way, I do not want to tease you or to intimidating anyone

But, I do want to let you know that is better to have option in life, especially if you are a real estate agent. Most agent has no options

If you don’t have option, you will have no choice but to show that buyer that you don’t even like talking to 30 houses on the weekend. You have to skip a family gathering, skip tennis, skip your kid events to do an open houses that you absolutely does not want to be there. It just broke my heart when i see people in their 50s and 60s working weekend, or being a sale agent at a new built.You can see it in their eye, they do it not because they like it, but because they have to.

Unfortunately people get into this industry for freedom, and it is the freedom that kill everyone.

What are our option to freedom as a real estate agent then?

You could work your way up from a buyer agent, to a listing agent, then become a team leader, then becoming a broker owner, and realize that you buy yourself into a job that you could never get out of.

You could start buying rental and regrets it the moment the AC went out.

What if there is a way to get pay owning investment property with out paying for it?

What if there is a way not to work on Saturday and Sunday?

What if there is a way to build instant equity.

What If there is a way to own the company you work for instead of renting your license from it?

What if there is a way to get pay like a broker without being a broker?

What if there is a way to travel the world for a year and come back with more money in the bank?

What if there is a way to inspire other and leave a legacy for you and your family?

Only if you are open to it.

In the picture: me giving out a testimonial agent during an eXp Leadership event.