Just want to take a moment of this extra hour on Sunday to appreciate everything we have. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing people and endless opportunities.

Today is November 1st. I greatly appreciate:Everyone in the family is healthy ❤️

Elbow recovery is faster than expected.

The ability to play tennis again soon🎾

Every meal we have 🥘

Each and every single client in my real estate business. There are many options out there but we chose to work together 🤝

All the tenants that we served 🙏

All the flip we are doing 🏠

All the guests stay with us. They have the option to stay somewhere else but they chose here 💚🌏

The chance to support and help other real estate agents 💼

To be awarded more stock at the upcoming eXp conference and the opportunity to collect more from upcoming closings 📈

Revshare checks made a new record high with 45 rockstar agents! 🤘 and it’s only the 1st of November

All agents in Revshare group are doing deal left and right 💰

All the business partners that I am working with. There are many options out there but we chose to work together 🤝

To be able to live in a country where my vote actually count🗳️

All the investment opportunity that was presented to me.

The opportunity to be surrounded by amazing people 💯

And you! Yes, the follower of cashflownotepad.com ! Thank you so much for follow and support! More value added content coming your way!

I am thankful for all of the above but always hungry for more. Have a great November ahead guys!