Another Dollar saved is another invested. Ok ok I get it but who would want to stay at a crappy hotel when travel and eat subway whenever you go somewhere for a vacation? T Harv once said “poor people pick either or, rich people pick both”. Always make it a goal to get the best bang for your bucks while still able to enjoy the luxury life has to offer. I put together a short guide with all the stuff we did during our Denver visit to get the most out of your travelling budget:

Your Ticket: I personally like the app Hopper. They made it real easy to shop for a best ticket. all you need to do is enter the destination and …swipe away. We were able to get a ticket to Denver for example at$150 each person round trip. Another site that our friends recommended to us is  that is if you are from Houston.

Your Stay: Obviously, Airbnb is a best bet if you want unique place at an affordable price. If you are really extreme – go couch surfing . Or if you are feeling fancy, don’t be afraid to use your credit card point and redeem for a hotel of your choice. we like resort getaway style hotel sometimes such as The Inverness. When you book, always book for the cheapest room available, then when you get there, use every skill you have to negotiate! For example, we were able to negotiated from a regular room to a private level of the hotel with King bed, Free Breakfast, water, soft drink, dinner appetizer, Best view etc.. for…$30 more a day. The receptionist originally asked for 60$. I got a deal…i think…

Car Rental: Always booked for the cheapest one then again – use everything you have to negotiate! Simply ask for a free or cheap upgrade, or special of the day/week/month. Even if you failed, just take the car anyway, then on tomorrow, call back and make a complain about the car and ask to speak with the manager if appropriate. Usually they will swap you for a better car at no cost.

Food and Fun: This is pretty much personal reference but if you know nothing about the area, ask the local for asian town. this is where you usually find a variety of good food with affordable price. look for restaurant that has a lot of traffic and confirm it with the review on yelp for the lowest odd of not visiting a restroom afterward. Same with Fun – you will be amazed on how much you don’t know simply by asking. I am lucky enough to have a friend just tell me without asking about the Denver Topless – Free the Nipple Parade. that is something you don’t see everyday.

And there is Real Estate:I can’t leave without talking about Real Estate. It’s in the blood. an experienced real estate investor once said: “If you already visited the area, you might as well as buy something”. Well i am not getting to that level yet so i might as well learn as much as i can about the local real estate. And the best thing: it will make your trip tax-deductible. I always reach out on Biggerpockets to see if any local Re investor is able to grab a cup of coffee during my visit. I am lucky enough to have coffee with the VP of Bigger Pockets and learn so much about the inner city loop of Denver than i ever could explored myself. I also went to open houses, talked with a couple realtors to get a feel of the Denver market over there. Seem like Castle Rock is booming and the city overall is getting hot with enterprise relocation and it is getting harder to find deal just like Houston.