I felt very weird at 1st for writing and sharing this but I just want to make sure this story hopefully reaches another agent out there who is looking for the same thing. Because I myself was actually looking for a story like this 3 years ago but I am unable to find any, back then.

3 years ago, I still stuck at my job being an IT worker for Schlumberger. I got my license, did a couple deals while I was working full time, but doesn’t know how to take my business to the next level. In my mind, I didn’t want to quit an “IT” job just to have another “Sale” job per se.

I kept on looking and looking until I stumble upon this opportunity call eXp! Thanks to my sponsors Amanda, Jeff, and Wilco really taking the time to show me the model. I really like that I see: The model provides equity build-up and passive income on top of traditional real estate commissions. It was a no brainer for me. Long story short, I end up putting in a 3 weeks’ notice for my job, and off I jump into the unknown, thinking this is pretty easy and I can handle it on my own.

I can tell you that…my 1st year in real estate was the absolute nightmare. I made half of what I usually made at my regular job. I had tons of expenses. I spent the time chasing unmotivated buyers and sellers. I don’t know how to take with agents to attract them, every other escrow is a nightmare because I don’t know how to manage all the moving parts and people’s expectations.

I just want to QUIT after my 1st year! A lot of the time in this business, you just want to get in the car and drive away. That was me in my 1st year.

But I did not

I stick it in instead. I started taking the training, and classes. I started going to the conference. I purposely hang out with other people that are more successful than me. I learn the correct way to deal with buyer and seller and generating quality leads. I learn how to speak with the agents about this opportunity without puking eXp all over them. I started to make friends with other agents in the company.

It was tough still, but then the result starts to show. I was able to cap on the 2nd year with eXp! Before I start to realize it, the phone keeps on rings off the hook, agents called me up asking to join eXp. Thing keeps on moving really fast…

I iconed in my 3rd year!

Learning from my mistake and never rested when things are good. I added more fire into the wood and keep going. I am now on track to Icon for the 2nd time in 2021 – knock on wood. Perhaps what I also enjoy the most right now is the new friend and connect that I was able to make by joining the diversity group at ONE EXP, and also helping fellow agents in my rev-share group success the way I am, if not more.

This is the story that I was hoping to read before I join eXp but I didn’t have a chance to see it so I have to make it to my own. I hope that this will help other fellow agents out there.

Thanks eXp for providing this opportunity to us!  3 years looking back I am very grateful. There is no other brokerage that is providing agents with this amount of training and support, stock, and passive income.

Can’t wait to get out there to help our buyers, sellers, and agents after this post!