Just walked out of a closing and deposit a check in hand. For some people, they must be super excited and celebrate the night. Something inside me tell me that there is no time to celebrate yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited as hell and actually went directly to the bank to deposit the check. However, I know that depositing that check didn’t change anything. Essentially, I quit a job to jump into another job. Most agent live pay check to pay check and actually only 20% of us make a decent living. What is wrong with our industry?

Most agent treat their career like a job. until they actually change their thinking and start to treat their run their career like a business, Nothing will change. The commission will be your primary source of income and the pressure to “keeping up with the Jones” are 10 times when you become an agent. They have to look good in order to sell houses. When you stopped making the phone call. the commission check will disappear.

Good thing I found a company where they treat agent like the owner. We are officially on the NASDAQ today and who know where the stock may go up to. I truly believe that their revenue share model is unparalleled to the industry and eXp will become the next big thing in real estate brokerage.

Tai Lopez said this when i was at the 10x growth con that i can never forget

“You can be really-really suck, but, if you catch the right trend, you will still making sh*t load of money”

Are you taking risk when working for a start-up company? Yes, but the reward is exponential. I will live you with that thought for this post.

Stop drinking the cool-aid and run your real estate business like a business.