Why did eXp stand out to you compared to other brokerages you worked with in the past?

I need room to grow so staying at a small botique flat fee is not going to work out. And when i put my investor hat on. I see eXp is a no brainer with the equity and revenue sharing component. The rich don’t won’t for money, the rich work for equity and cashflow (Robert Kyosaki)

How did you find eXp?

in 2016 I knew that at one point I have to leave coporate america, it’s just a feeling. But I don’t want to quit my IT job to go to another sale job. So i keep on looking, asking friends, and then all the sudden I got to meet Amanda Whitespeare through a friend introduction. The rest is history. you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

How do you manage lead generation?

Most of my production is actually my own flips I was able to still find deal through the MLS. I can beat most multiple offer senarios to get the home, fix it up and sell it back on the open market. We also have good relationship with wholesaler. I love all the wholesaler out there. I think they are doing an amazing job. 

Other clients is coming from your SOI. I would tell people that your previous is our base. USE IT and don’t burn any bridge. Most of my client are 1 friends and family 2.people i meet through HS 3. People I meet through college 4. People I work with from Hewlett Packer (HP) and 4. people i met with through Schlumberger 5. people I play tennis with

I started thecashflowshop.com recently to serve investor. we focus on having a strong google present and growing our newsletter list so that has been yeilding result as well. I sold a house while an airplane with this.

Do you have a favorite CRM?

of course it is KVCORE! I also use flodesk for emails in conjunction with KVCORE. Love both

If you could give one piece of advice to eXp agents – what would it be? 

Dream Big. That is my mistake in the begining So i just want to emphasis it with our exp family. All I want back then is a stable job, a house, and a toyota. There is no thing wrong with that but it also didn’t make any impact in the world

Tell me a little bit about growing up and your life before real estate. 

I grew up in Saigon, Vietnam. I always proud of that. In fact i just fixed up my childhood home using the money from revenue share. So Thank you Glen, Thank you eXp! 

I come to the united states on 10th grade, I don’t know any body, i barely speak english but i knew one thing. I knew how to hit a decent tennis ball. From the sport, i was able to make really good friend and go from there. 

Just a normal kids after that, going to college, study computer science, I really hit me when i get my 1st paycheck and wonder where my money went before i even get to it. that where my journey to real estate begin

What is your life motto? 

Treat other with kindness. Be the man in the corner for your family, your friends, your team, your organization, your community

What is Huy up to in 2024?

I’m incredibly passionate about Real Estate. 

Real Estate, in my perspective, is one of the best vehicles on earth to preserve and multiply wealth.

I graduated from UH with a degree in computer science.

I have been investing actively in the real estate market for the past 12+ years. I bought a home just a few weeks after my graduation at UH – my 1st deal in Real estate.  

Fast forward – We own and operate different businesses related to real estate that create multiple income streams:

  • We own long term rental
  • We own short term rental
  • We own mid Term Rental
  • We own commercial
  • We flip (92+ Flip and Counting)
  • We help people buy and sell homes (top 5% ICON agent at eXp Realty 2019,2020,2021,2022)
  • We lead a sales organization of 290 agents and leaders. (BETA)
  • We mentor the next generation of real estate agent | investor

Real estate allows us to take back time, the most precious asset in life.

Let’s live life full-time, as one of my mentors said.

I play tennis, I blog, and read a lot, I am a normal person. I glue to my PS5 and play video games / watch netflix show just like every kid. I love hanging out with like-minded people. We grow together. 


  • Year joined eXp: 7 years
  • Time in real estate: 15 years
  • Previous Brokerage(s): boutique flat fee / full time IT job
  • ICON No.: 5x
  • Location: Houston
  • Team Size: 1 buyer agent, one tc, one va, one book keeper – company of one!
  • Attraction:  280 active agent – 15 flqa – Beta
  • Markets: Houston
  • 2023 Production 
  • Volume: 6.7 Million mostly personal flips and personal production
  • Sides: 42 – mostly personal flips and personal production
  • 2024 Production (to March)
  • Volume: 2 million mostly personal flips and personal production
  • Sides: 10 – mostly personal flips and personal production
  • Website/social: cashflownotepad.com for attraction IG:cashflowagent  thecashflowshop.com for production