I just found this while cleaning up all the junks in my computer. i decided not to edit but to post the original version just to show that how suck is my writing back then, and to also prove to you that it DOESN’T”T Matter. The point is to keep writing and then you will get better.

I’m proud of myself because i got my mind straight 6 years ago. While everybody was in college wonder what the hell they are doing, i realize the important of sale and smart enough that there are something wrong with this country education system, especially for business people.

Go to any business kids and ask them what the FED is, I am willing to bet that they will choke up

Write a summary of why you should be considered for acceptance into the Program for Excellence in Selling

“If you want to be success, you have to study hard, get a good grade, then go work for a good company, and then live a “good” life”

Is it true?

While wondering around the bookstore, I am questioning the statement above that is embedded into my head since childhood. I kept on reviewing my thought on this commonsense as I cannot see it validated itself in life. For a good grade in school, one could surely get a good job, but is one really living a life they want?


I have seen numerous people who follow this commonsense failed to achieve their goal. For example, I have seen doctors and nurses working almost 24/7 not only to take care their patients, but also to pay off their humongous college debt. I saw young professor, graduated with honor, working night shift at CVS in the meantime because they did not reach their ten years teaching pay grade . Moreover, I saw good students , graduated during the recent depression, struggling to get any kind of jobs just to support their living

And then, I saw this college kid. In fact, I know him very well; He was about 18 years of age. He just got out of high school and excited to start college. The kid did what he is supposed to do. He focused most of his time on the classes.  He volunteered his time to the community. He graduated college with honors and have a decent job. The kid asked me that he studied hard, he got a good grade, he got a good job, he is a successful person, but why does he not have a good life?


Until now, I still do not know how to answer this question.  But if I could just turn back the sands of time, I just want to tell him that while he is busy studying at school, his mom was just wonder if he is coming home tonight to have dinner, as she always had his favorite food ready. I just want to tell him that while he is socialize himself into different society group, his dad just wonder if he is coming home this weekend to help him with the backyard like before. I still remembered  the day when cancer took his day away, I was very surprise that he did not cry at all.  Maybe He either doesn’t love his father, or he just realizes that it is too late…

Time passes, and I didn’t hear from him anymore, but I learned a valuable lesson from him. For me, time is the most prestigious thing in my life. I want to use it carefully and I want to spend most of it with the one I love. Yet, I did not realize that I am selling my time constantly every day and every hour.

One may not classify himself or herself as a seller, simply because he or she did not sell any physical product or service. However, one may not know that by going to work, they are selling their most prestigious assets, which is time. Most of us sell it more than 40 hours a week.


One can argue that sale is a career, for me, sale is a part of life. For one second, there are billions of physical sale transactions happen all over the world. One is constantly selling their time without knowing it. I believe that by mastering the art of sale will allow you to sale your time more effectively