If you’re like most real estate agents, you’ll want to know who is at the top of their game, so you can follow and learn from them. Or perhaps you are simply a curious neighbor who wants to learn about the top-performing real estate agents making noise at eXp Realty.

You have come to the right place. Here, we are going to look at who the best eXp realty agents are, where they hang out, and what powerful lessons you can pick up from them. 

Who are the top eXp realty agents?

You can find the list of top performing agents directly from the official eXp Realty website:

The funny thing about this list – or in any real estate credentials – is that you can find an award for almost everything in every category. There is a rookie of the year, the most influential agents of the year, D Magazine’s best agent, Ratemyagent.com, Top Large Team, Top Medium Team, and Top Mega team. They break it down by size, then my volume, by how tall you are… You get the idea. It seems that as long as you are in real estate you get an award. As long as you pay, you get a prize.

However, I can assure you that every agent appearing on eXps list of top-performing agents has earned their place by genuinely excelling in their field. Nobody paid to get on that list. I know a couple of top real estate agents and the best team on that list to whom I could introduce you. This is one of the most amazing things about eXp Realty: everyone collaborates instead of competing against each other.

Is the list genuine?

I know the list is genuine because I saw Veronica Figueroa’s name in there. Not only does she run the Top Team in her state – and the country – but Veronica is also an amazing leader in the industry that won’t stop advocating for her agents. She is an influential figure, currently leading eXp Latino and staying in close collaboration with us, the eXp Asian Network. 

What’s better than that? We get to collaborate with her, tracing her footsteps to grow the eXp Asian Network. I am super grateful to grow this company among some of the best real estate agents like Veronica Figueroa. 

The best real estate agents that I know

I looked hard enough, and there she was! LuAnn Shikasho was named as the best Single Real Estate Agent by volume. I knew this list was legitimate when I saw her name. She is a huge producer and a personal friend of mine. 

I’ll never forget the day when I called her on the cell. The first word of coaching from LuAnn to me was, “Huy, your online presence looks like ****. WHO ARE YOU?”. I have been steadily improving my online presence ever since.

If you haven’t got to know LuAnn, now is a good time to learn who she is. The amount of knowledge and collaboration that we will be able to provide at this company is simply overwhelming. 

I have been knowing LuAnn for the past three years. I believe she has been with eXp Realty for as long as I am. There is not a single dull moment with this top agent where I haven’t learned something new from her, and vice versa.

Collaboration is huge between eXp Agent, like me and LuAnn

The Absolute Best Team in eXp Realty 

Somehow this list does not include CitySide Properties in Houston Texas, one of the Best Teams in eXp Realty in the Medium Team Category. I am blessed to be sponsored by the team leaders, Jeff and Amanda Whitespeare. Jeff and Amanda‘s team closed more than 600 deals last year with just a small group comprising a few agents. Additionally, they have accumulated nearly 1000 agents in their revenue share organization, Team Legacy Organization. Take a break from the reading and digest that number for a moment.

What is the best part about being sponsored by the Best Team in eXp Realty?

You will have everything that you need to succeed. When it comes to building a real estate team, one of the main issues is that you are essentially training your competition. Before eXp Realty, no structure prevented a rockstar agent from your team from learning everything they needed, then going out on their own and competing against you.

On the contrary, this scenario is one of the best things that could happen when you run a team at eXp Realty since the goal of any team leader in eXp is to expand and train the next best team in eXp Realty.

 We encourage you to learn as much as possible, then go out on your own when you are ready. Our pay structure via revenue sharing enables us to train the next best real estate agent and still get paid. If you want to learn how to run a successful real estate team, there is no better person to teach you than Jeff and Amanda. I will leave the link to book a qualification call at the end of this article. 

We are trying to take a picture with jeff and Amanda, can’t believe this guy name Grant Cardone just stepped in and bombed the photo.

What do the top eXp Realty agents do differently?

The best eXp real estate agents are ICON Agents! If you are anything like me, whether or not I get awarded simply feeds my ego. What I care about most is the bottom line. Profits feed my family and keep the lights on. On this note, we cannot ignore the top 4% Real Estate Agents and Team in eXp Realty, aka the ICON Agents. This is an award everyone should pay attention to.

 eXp Icon agents are the top 4% of eXp Realty measured by production volume. Once the commission cap of $16,000 gets paid into eXp Realty, the agent will be on a 100% commission split with only a $250 per transaction fee. If the agent closes an additional 20 more deals or achieves a gross GCI of $500,000 a year, the agent will join the elite group of ICON Agents. 

What’s the benefit of becoming an eXp ICON agent?

Of course, you get the trophy, the recognition, and the publicity that you may or may not want. The most important thing is that eXp ICON Agents now have a chance to earn the entire $16,000 cap paid to eXp Realty back in stock.

I won’t go into the details here, but my experience has led me to believe that every agent should strive for at least capping and then go for ICON. This status is where you can build equity in the company. 

Remember the rich do not work for money. The rich work for equity and cash flow. By achieving ICON status and becoming the top eXp Realty agent, it is one of the best ways to build equity by simply doing what you already do: selling and listing houses.

Where do eXp Realty Agents hang out?

If you want to meet the best agents, there is no better place to meet them than at mega-events. eXp Realty has at least two mega events a year where all the best eXp Agents will show up: the EXP world holdings event and EXPCON

If you’ve heard my story, you’ll know that my first year as a new agent was not good. I could not meet my income goal after I quit my job. Life was not easy. But I did one thing right: I hung out with ICON agents. I was busy networking with them at all the conferences and learned from people one or two levels above me. I dug in and didn’t give up. Fast forward to today, I am now a 4x winner of the ICON Agents award. 

You would be surprised how significantly you can accelerate the steep learning curves in your career by staying close to top real estate agents. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. 

So, ICON status is a profound achievement, but what’s better than being an ICON agent? It’s the ability to share your knowledge and expertise by sponsoring and mentoring more agents. I am blessed to have a high number of cappers and ICON Agents in my Revenue share organization.

Brenda, Jhoana, Cindy, Bryan, Andrea, Elva, Thao, Minh, Khai, Hien, An, Nato, Tara, Linh, Jen, Lynn, Tu Anh, Christina, Tammy, and many other Rockstars in my rev share organization just to name a few. We collaborate, we help each other, we support each other business, and we move forward as ONE BIG FIRE.

Build Conference 2021 with Gene Frederick, The Top Real Estate Agent in eXp Realty

How Can I Meet eXp Realty Agents?

If your mind is giving you reasons why you can not attend the conference right now, then you are in luck. eXp is the first cloud-based brokerage and has been running its entire operation on the Metaverse before it even became a widely-known digital tool. eXp has zero brick-and-mortar locations.

All the training, online classes, and high-level leadership meeting are hosted on the cloud and taught by top-producing agents. Unlike any traditional brokerage, the Metaverse is where you can meet all eXp’s staff and the leadership from the comfort of your home office. Live training is hosted 80 hours a week at our brokerage. All training videos get recorded so you can train at your own pace. Who said we need brick-and-mortar offices to run a billion-dollar company?

If you are new and the budget is tight, make sure to connect with us. You can get a free pass into eXp world and hop on the training right away. I strongly believe that the pandemic accelerated the integration of this tool. Soon, other real estate brokerages will have to either adopt this technology or get left behind.

Advice for the new agents

Don’t get intimidated by the ICONs! We are here to help you grow and succeed in real estate. Everyone starts as a beginner. Heck, I was horrified when I started. They are here to support and guide you, then develop you into the next superstar. Trust me when I say this: your sponsor wants you to succeed more than your mom and dad want you to, at least I do. This is not an overstatement. This is how we develop the next generation of agents and leaders in the company.

Are you ready to become eXp Realty’s next top agent?

Book a qualification call below to see if you meet the requirement to be sponsored by us, one of the largest and most diverse Revenue sharing Organizations in eXp Realty

eXp is now a publicly traded company with stock options, with an excess of 82,000 agents in the United States and across the world. It could be intimidating for new agents. We will help you navigate the fundamentals as you gain momentum in your career. We’re here to provide guidance that supports you in achieving your goals, serving your clients, benefiting your community, and doing whatever it takes when you join eXp Realty.

Who is the Best Agent or Team at eXp Realty in 2022? You are! Only if you booked the call and connect with us.