If you are anything like me, you always have the pressure, either internal or external, to grow your business bigger, year over year. It is very inspiring, and sometimes intimidating to see these big producers, the team that closed 100 houses a year, or 500 houses. How could they even do that!? Are they…profitable?

I too, get sucked in this idea thinking that you always have to grow your business bigger, hire people left and right in order to aquire more customer, more client, help more people, share the wealth, and unintentionally forcing growth the very inorganic way.

I recalled I left my job at Schlumberger to find financial freedom, to talk with fewer people (I’m very introvert) and work less! So far it has been the opposite.

What’s wrong with working Monday to Friday and then spend the Saturday playing tennis and Sunday playing the video game and be..happy? Do I really have to save the world in order to be happy?

I just stumble on this book titled “The Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the next big thing for business” and I think I might have the answer I need.

What is your opinion on staying small vs going big? Are you focusing on growth or profit? Do you want to be bigger, or better? Is your business feeding you, or are you feeding your business? Can you get rich without being famous? Can’t wait to find out my own answer and share it with you guys!