Every big decision i made I tend to reflect back to see how i made it to better understand myself and make better decision in the future. This time is to purchase the Tesla

The Decision to be made: To Buy a Tesla or not

Greed Motivation: It looks super cool.

Fear Factor: Depreciation, Maintenance, High monthly payment

Logical Sense: I don’t want to pay for gas, the current car is breaking down with big repair. Jenny also like it. Tax deduction for 100% use in business

Why Do you want to make this decision: Current car break down, want to reward myself, want to buy Jenny something nice, have something to look forward to.

Describe the Surrounding: Lot of tesla fan around me – peer pressure

Anyone pushing you to make the decision? kinda of, Jenny really like it. Elva talk about it All the time, but mainly me – – want it

What will you do if everything works out: enjoy it

What will you do if shit hit the fan: sell it

Have you done your due diligence: yea, I watched a bunch of youtube video about car. Seem like Telsa deliver the most value for the money according to my opinion and analysis

How do you feel: Excited! I don’t know. I just like the idea of auto pilot. I can just let it drive on the freeway and response to email and text and phone call? NICE!!!! I can even Summon it? DAMN!!

What is some reason to say NO to this deal: charging might be an issue since I don’t have a garage. It’s too expensive for a purpose of getting you to point A to point B. It will depreciate like hell.

Describe some way to mitigate this risk: Have a another reliable daily driver. I don’t think I wanna rack this up to 200k mile in 3 years. Build a garage, using the super charger in the meantime, Install wall charger, drive more carefully

Could this be a life-changing decision: MAY BE, car could open door to new opportunity.

Looking back: Do you regret making this decision?

Not sure yet, will update this soon

In The pictures:

Me doing a showing in Marcelo Lake in Katy, Texas, a pretty dope community to live in with lake and all. price point around 350-450k

Sorry! No Telsa picture yet. They messed up delivery so I have no idea when i will get it. May be it’s a sign to cancel the order.