I totally admitted that i was a big victim of this. After 2 successful refinance deal earlier this year, i have a feeling that i have made it. After all, the goal of investing in real estate is that one day you could live happily with your lifestyle and don’t worry about the money right?..

I have a good day job that i enjoy doing. I was able to find time to play tennis and my rental properties cash flow well. i began to feel comfortable! I bought myself a nice car, buy expensive toys, go out to expensive restaurant and pay no attention to my spending. I also stopped looking at houses to flip, client to sell, and scale down big time on my aggressiveness in finding the next deal.

I rested On My Laurels!!!

Until one day, i went to a networking event and had a chance to network with a successful investor: He was about my age. Yet, he owns 400 apartment doors and his daily driver is a Rolls Royce

I realized that i was NOTHING!

I drove home thinking about him and listen to the Cardone Zone and he kept on beating up on this topic on do not ever ever rest on your laurels

That woke me up. I’m now back! Stronger than ever before and ready to find my next deal!

Who has a deal now that i can buy!!!