That’s the 1st question I asked every single time somebody in this industry pitched me in this industry. I don’t want to disrespect this industry, But I believe that it they at least should change the name to something more align with what they are doing and send a clearer message to the customer. There is nothing wrong with labeling yourself “Mutual fund and insurance sale person” for example. In fact, Selling one of the greatest if not the greatest if you want to make millions. You just have to believe and use the product that you are selling. If you have currently hire a financial adviser, ask them if he actually buy into any of the product that he or she is selling to you.

I was recently encountered one of the “planner” and he tried to pitched me. I asked ” Do you own any positive income producing assets” . He reply ..”no but..” for me that the end of the conversation.

Could any person who is a true financial planner out there agree with me that we need a major “rehab” for this industry? There are so many so call “planner” with little to no knowledge about money. There are many of them still buy into this Industrial Idea of “Investing for the long term 401k, get a good and steady paying job and leave below your mean for the rest of your life” I’m sorry but those advise in today market condition are nothing but plain BS” Heck, they probably don’t even read any book about wealth for years and living pay check to pay check.

Don’t you agree that your adviser should be wealthier than you?

Don’t you agree that we need a major over-haul this industry to create more financially wealthy being?

I’m committed to get out of the middle class and i will try to help every single possible soul that want to do the same on my journey

Happy Monday!