In a few hours we will land in Detroit and go back to normal routine on Monday, I would like to take this moment to reflect the lesson learned during the trip to Europe.

  1. Factor in the quality of life in your decision making. After all, investing in real estate supposed to make your life better. For me, it will defeat the purpose if real estate become my 2nd job! Work on your business, not in your business!
  2. Still working hard like the American, but eat like the Italian, be nice like the Austrian, and play hard like a German. It is obvious to say that the European have a better body shape. The way of life and society forced them to walk more and the food over there is generally better quality now. I was shocked to see that why the chicken feet and chicken wings over here is much smaller compare to the US. I realized that this is the real size of the chicken feet/wing. I have no idea what I am eating over there. I will definitely try to stop eating those monster wing and feet.

Oh, and one story about the German, If you think the Atomic sauce in the State are hot, wait until you try the German spicy sauces. The thing about the German that I notice, if they decide to do it, they either beat everybody else, or they don’t do it at all. Look at how successful is the German car, and their sauces is unbelievable….hot

  1. Stop complaining. Period. You have to travel to other area of the world to see that how lucky you are to stay in the United States, especially Houston, Texas. The opportunity for starter to invest in real estate in European country is almost next to none. The entry cost is so high to enter the game and the labor forces are too expensive. The bank are also not that favorable. One of the way to invest in real estate over there is to either have a lot of money, or do syndication. But how could you have a lot of money or know how to syndicate a deal well if you haven’t done one before? For 1st generation investor like me to get wealthy, Europe would be a hard market to play in. Just like people always said: The United States is a true opportunity land for those who dream big and dream high.

Let me make this strong statement: If you come to the United States poor, it’s not your fault, but if you die in the United States poor, that’s totally your fault.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I can’t wait to get back to the States and get the ball rolling again. My journey to financial freedom continues

Jenny and I from the Europe Trip