Okay enough about all the fancy pictures and video and how fun the exp realty 2022 shareholder conference is. Let’s get down to business a little bit. Yes we have crazy fun but this is perhaps one of the best conference that I ever attended. So many knowledge, mind opening dialogue and key take away. Here are some of my note and thought


The 1st impression is a big improvement of the ICON program and ICON Recognition. I am so glad the company is putting more effort into the ICON agents and program. These are where most of the production of the company, the top 2% in the enterprise. Contrast to last year, which is pretty…bad, This year is a huge improvement. The ICON lounge is pretty awesome where all the ICON has a change to meet, network with each other, and hang out. The Breakfast is awesome as well. It’s amazing when you put all the top producer of the company into a room and lock them down for 3 hours! Only amazing things can come out after that meeting.

We are moving also to the point system where we all the ICON will get rewarded with point that count toward their stock instead of mandatory event attendance. This is a much needed change and has been a pain for lots of agents. There are many way to contribute and not just showing up here.

Also I have a chance to did a a quick video with David Truong in Vietnamese. Long story short, we actually met each other in the Metaverse of EXP Realty campus. I got my mic hot and was speaking in Vietnamese. his avatar run after me trying to say hi and here we are, met in person and closed a deal together. Can’t get better than that


The Xcamp was awesome! If you don’t know about xcamp here is it: It represent the culture of our company: This is an agent owned, agent lead company. There is no Company official involved in xcamp. The agents get together in a big room, select topics that they want to learn that day and vote on it! And a leader in that space will volunteer to teach out that. Anything that you shouted out: Agent Attraction, Social Media, Investing, Short Term Rental, Business processes..will get matrix down to the big white board then people vote on it. You gotta be in the room to see it. Super COOL!

Of course i attended most of the session where they talked about Leadership and Revenue Share. But perhaps The session that stand out the most for me is the business process and system. I have been winging my way into nearly 200 agents and ICON for the past 5 years. it’s good but in order for me to grow. The system need to be in place in order to support the next phase of the business. No longer I can wing my way into 1000 agents. I will focusing on implementing a system that will support me to bring on, sponsor and mentor thousands of agent instead of just a few now!

two book to read recommended by the speaker:

What the heck is EOS

Check List Manifesto


The vendor hall is amazing as well. eXp really open it up to a lot of vendor that has a value proposition that will help with your business. Garrick and I maned a booth in ONE EXP that support diversity and inclusion at eXp Realty. Check out our live steam here:


Another vendor that stand out is Real Grader. I have been exploring Google review lately and see the power of Google and online presence. I’m looking to double down on this path. Hey If you enjoy this blog. make sure to give me a review on google!


Then here come the grand finally of the event: With key note speaker Jay Shetty I honestly don’t know who he is until I looked up his IG account and froze for a moment. The speak is about connected thinking and you can read the note here. This is my eye opening moment of the event when Jay divided the room into the 4 group of DISC. As I see my people and myself move into the right group. All the growth that I experienced over the past 5 years, as well as all the problem I been having all the sudden made a lot of sense now. A Strong organization need to be built on all 4 personality type and we all need each other to success.


eXp Latino is worth mentioning. They are pretty much smoked eXp Asian Network as well as other affinity groups. They hosted a bad-ass event at the Mango club and invite the entire company out. What a way to celebrate! If you want to see how people party correctly. come to eXp Latino party. They will show you how to party and build culture at the same time What a night.

We will pour our heart out to support our eXp Latino group!

I also want to take a moment to welcome Judy into the group. I wish everyone can onboard like Judy. She happened to joined eXp with our group like the day before the conference. I happened to have an extra ticket since my friend cancel me on last minute and decided to give it to Judy. She came to the conference with an open mind, network with everyone and immerse herself into the environment as if she was here a long time and got so much out of it.

I felt like the success of the agent at eXp is really 90% up to the agent himself or herself. You can make excuse a thousand time because of you are not in the right group, your sponsor doesn’t do much, your sponsor don’t have the support you need, or you can just be like Judy, just plug in 100% and throw yourself in it and see what happened.


No doubt the universal studio is another highlight of the trip. while people wait in line to get in and book ticket months in advance. We have the park for ourself, food and drink included. Don’t be jealous now, we earned it.

I barely scratch the surface of the exp realty 2022 shareholder conference but that give you an idea of what is it like to be an eXp agent. we have fun, we celebrate each other, we ride the up and down (literally in the park), and we make good money together.

All it all, the eXp Shareholder Conference is getting better and better every year. Wells organize and well executed. Tons of values for the agents and broker. I do want to note that however you only get out what you put in. I can’t help but spot a few agents who does want to collaborate and support their fellow agents, stay on the phone, always sit on the back of the room, pay no attention, their head somewhere else, not the conference and they wonder why conference does not work for them? Don’t be that guy or gal! If that deal is going to blow up, it’s going to blow up sooner or later. Spend the time, be present, and get the most out of everyone around you.

next stop is the Build conference with Tony Robin in Dallas. I would suggest you to sign up now before the ticket sell out! reach out to me if you need help signing up for the event.


PS: we woke up at 5 AM to ride hot air balloon. it was so cool. a friend thought that i switched to RE/MAX. I told them only when they have the equity, the revenue share and give me a real hot air balloon ride then I might consider…