This is solely my opinion so do not treat this as a financial advise. do your own due diligence!

What an exciting to wake up to to know that the company that you hang your license with start to pay you dividend! how awesome is that!

Let just break down the number requick:

This is the company press release:

According to the press release each of the share holder of EXPI will get 0.04 this quarter. I am going to assume that the dividend will stay the same for one year which is 0.04 x 4 is 0.16 cents per share

Assuming your average acquisition cost of expi is $30 per share. the Cash on Cash return, if you will, is 0.53% per year

Not much! But hey, better than no thing, and especially if you are an agent and you get awarded stock instead of buying it or, get to buy it at a 10% discount? Your return by default are already infinite!

But think about it this way. Most growth company does not pay dividend. They will need every single penny and acquiring massive amount of debt in order to grow their market share

In my personal opinion. This is more like a statement to the industry than anything. the company is telling the world that although this is a growth company, expi current required no debt to grow, and hey btw, we are paying dividend as well!!

This should be able to tell you something about the growth of the company! the company is barely getting started in the international market!

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