It is very easy to lose your real focus and start chasing the money in real estate.

I am pretty much speaking for myself here as i am struggling with this problem ever since. My Real Estate goal has always been created enough passive income to live off from it and never have to work again in my life and spend more quality time with family and friends. But as i notice the more houses I have, the more i got pulled into the business, and the more involved i am. The bigger real estate goal I set, the more equity it will require me to reinvest back into the market. The more time i need to spend time to acquire the necessary knowledge. I have to basically keep working and keep pushing as my goal is now a sky-high goal

This is does not mean that you should lower your bar and start padding yourself on the back and slack off. This mean that you need from time to time  swing back if you are intentionally gone off balance for a while and reflect on yourself. I am guilty of going off-balance for a very long time. When the eye start to go blind and the mind started chasing only the money itself – I realize that it’s time to swing back and reflect on yourself.

We have a saying that take one step back in order to take ten step forward. this is always right.

I suggest we all take a moment to reflect on your real goal. What’s really important for you? I hope it’s not just all about money. For me, it’s about the people around you. The people who believe in you when you have nothing to show, go with you to places, and help you along the way.  The love, the friendship, the memory, the ..pain that you made during the journey that is priceless. And the most important question: How many people you have helped along your journey?



There is a saying that If you want to become a billionaire, then help a billion people by Grant Cardone. I will live you with that thought