Yelp! As the title suggested. I will start calling the last Friday of every month our Freedom Friday now!

Never in my career i would ever dream of being in the top 1% of the most influential agents in the company and surrounded with the most talented agents, teams and brokers in the industry

People get into this industry for Freedom, but it is the freedom that killed everyone. I really want to take at least one Friday of the month to remind our group, and everyone that it does not matter how busy thing gets, you need to spend time to work ON your business, instead of IN the business.

Before eXp, the only way that you eventually get yourself out of production is building a team, then building your own brokerage, then eventually may be own a franchise or some sort. Sound intimidating for you? Yes it is.

It does not have to be that way. Now, eXp agent have an option to build equity in the company. And have the opportunity to build another channel of residual income, on top of their traditional buying and selling commissions.

Every Friday, we gather, we cheers, we celebrate, and we help agent build on their residual income via revenue share just that!

Let’s continue to push, lead by example, adding more values to our agents and clients , and help everyone leave a legacy for them and their family!

Who is ready to build ?! We are!