Well. I am in closing as of right now for almost two hour. and the two buyer in front of me can’t wait until they get the house funded. They said the 1st they will do is paint the house. The moment i get the check. i will hit the publish button and post this.

Instead of bragging about how much i made in this transaction. Let me ask the reader a question. The Buyer is a winner because they get the house with almost no money out of pocket since this is an FHA. The selling agent is happy to get her commission check, the listing agent is happy to get the commission check. Title company is making a fortune out of the transaction. And the Seller of course is happy because he sold the house at the price he want The seller partner on the deal is happy as well getting her money double. The loan originator and the bank is happy because all the fee they made.

Soooo the question is: Is this a win win win win win win situation


Did somebody just lose their shirt and got screwed? Who take the financial risk? Not the buyer since they put almost no money down. Not the seller since he got what he wanted, not everyone who feed on fee and commission?

Who just got screwed?

Btw this is the house i’m selling and all the picture is below


And of course my fancy check after 2 year of hard work on this deal