I just attended a very interesting marketing class today where you can learn so much about prospecting, lead generation, and lead follow up. Fortunately, we are in the information age and just one Facebook post, you could let the world know what you are up to. I absolutely love it!

However, I think there are the other side of it that most of us forget and I will try to address it below. I call it gravitational pull

Like T – Harv said ” if you don’t toot your own horn, no one will do it for you” While this statement is entirely correct. I made me wonder: If you focus 100% on marketing, where do you actually find the time to actually do the work / or refine your craftsmanship?

Have you ever felt like you are being betrayed after you entered to buy and product or the service and the agent is over promising on their marketing and under deliver? I think everybody experienced this feeling at least once if not many. This is a problem.

Whenever I am evaluating a product or service, one of the factors I looked at is returning customers. If that business has to keep spending money to acquire new customers, maybe there is something wrong. What happen to all the people that did business there and how come they never come back, or never refer anybody?

I will relate to a video game analogy here 🙂 In almost any game, if you want to find a master of something, you have to climb the mountain, or went under the sea, and die a couple time to find that master. Then, Maybe he accepted your request, or he will deny it because you are not qualified.

He is not going to be at some type of “market place” waiting for you to come easily.

You have to look for him.

I felt the same concept could be related in life. You are going to need a good plumber, or a contractor, a good real estate agent, or a master of some sort, calling that 1-800 on the bill board won’t help. You have to look for that person.

People in the market are forgetting a very important concept. That is gravitational pull.

If you have a products or services, that is exceptional and delivered and such a good price – people will somehow eventually find out about it and draw toward it without any advertisement or solicitation.

Have you ever tasted a dish that is so good and so affordable that it makes everything else no longer important, from customer service, to location, to wait time? That’s what I am talking about. That is pure gravitational pull

I want to challenge your marketing methodology, instead of chasing leads, try to attract the leads.

Instead of marketing and chasing people. Turn it around and make people want work with you, to do business with you, and to be associated with you.

Spend the time to improve your product or services to a superior level that it makes no sense for people to work with anyone else but you

This is organic growth. This is pure gravitational pull.  It is sustainable, and It is recession proof.

I want to hear your thought! Comment below!

In the picture: some goofy moment in Japan with Jenny – April 2019