The Rich Idiot

This is actually the 1st book about wealth that I ever read even before Rich Dad Poor Dad. The story ignites my desire to be wealthy.  Somehow, I used to believe that you have to be academically smart to be wealthy. That is the biggest lie that was planted in almost every child head.

I always thought that getting wealthy it going to be complicated. You have to be smart, High IQ, came from a family with high background, etc.. Since I am never the brightest kids in school, the thought of being Rich and Wealthy do not even come to my mind until I read this book. Then I realize this wonderful fact:

You don’t have to be smart to get rich.

In fact, according to the author, Lot of rich people are actually not so smart.

The book opened up the reader with a classical question: “ how do you put an elephant into the fridge?”

Most smart people will over analyzing the questions and came up with creative solution on how to fit an elephant into the fridge

The not so smart one simply opens up a refrigerator and put it in. I hope you get the point here.

When it came to real estate brokerage, there is two type of agents. The smart one will keep working at Taco Bell part time and want to figure out everything before doing his or her 1st transaction. The other not so smart one will simply dive right into the water and start looking for the 1st deal. By the time the Taco Bell person finished studying, the other agent already closed the deal and make $5000 in commission.

Which agents do you think will be more motivated to continue in their career?

Same thing when it came to investment, I tend to notice that people that often have degree falling off their wall with all sort of certification will never take any action, while the person with nothing to lose often made it to the finish line.

Don’t become too smart to not do something.


In the picture: The Yin and Yang stone garden in Kyoto, Japan – April 2017