Where do you started in real estate? This is where I started. I started from -1

Landed on America and spoke broken English in 2003, all Iknew back then is that I have to work and work harder to get myself a better life in the new land. However, the more I worked, the more I knew something is wrong. I could not bear the idea of study hard all your life, and then work hard all your life to make your life better? Does it make sense to you? It DID NOT make sense to me.

This is the period where I got lost and didn’t know what to do. Like most investors, I landed on the Granddaddy book of real estate- the “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. This book fueled and excited me…only for a short period of time. I then failed back to my comfort zone and keep on chasing the cheese in the rat race until disaster strike: My dad passed away with cancer.

What is the last thing he did before he died? He WORKED.

Unfortunately that is what it took wake me up. Unfortunately that is what it took to finally transform the mind of a person from the E quadrant to the I quadrant. I promised myself that work will not be the last thing I do before I die, and I will make him proud. I will not waste any minute to get myself and the generation after me to the next level. He gave up his life working to get me here, I will make sure I will take every bit and byte of my life to make sure that his effort does not go to waste.

I could have steered my life in a different path. I could have excused myself for not being an investors because my father passed away, or I don’t have support, or I don’t have money, or this is too risky, or not having enough time, or this is not for me, or whatever you name it.

Instead, I licked my wound, use my unfair-advantage to keep pushing, saved every penny I had, seized every opportunities I could.The next thing I notice, the guy that spoke broken English and mixed ice scream for 5.25$ per hour at Marble Slab 10 years ago, is currently managing $1,000,000 worth of Investment portfolio.

For those that have not yet started, what is your excuse for not starting in real estate? Write it down below and I will help you burn it.

For those that are already started, what motivate you to do what you do every day? Please share because it will inspire other people.