It’s been a while since I didn’t blog. I will try to break this habit now by committing to write at least one article a week! I have to 10x my writing.

This article is simply..about car! How to buy a car! Yes. That’s right. I think 90% of the people go out and buy car the wrong way. I thought I was retarded to think like this until yesterday at the meeting when I have people (rich people) agree with me the way I buy car is the correct way!

So let say my goal is a BMW 320i and it will cost me 600$ a month for 5 years to buy the car. Normally a person would go to the car dealership and buy a car right? Wrong!!

What you should do instead is to buy something that can generate 600$ a month in cash flow. They you will use this cash flow to buy a car for…free! This you see how simple it is? Instead of buying the car directly, you go buy the assets that that can support the amount of money you need to purchase something.

What will happen after 5 years? Your car will get pay off, your property will probably appreciated in value, and your tenant already paid off part of your mortgage, you probably get tax deduction for investment property every year if you did it the right way

The guy i know that is looking to buy his Ferrari is doing the same thing. Instead of buying the Ferrari directly. He went and bought assets that generate him massive amount of cash every month to well cover the monthly cost his Ferrari.

How are you gonna buy your car now?

That’s what i did