It’s not until i re-read for the 10th or 11th time of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” in order to realize this devastating behavior that i need to end. I regret myself that i did not read this book sooner.

I worked my butt off, done lot of refinancing andselling this year in real estate but i wonder: “Where is all the money?”

“I supposed to have a big fat bank account after all these, where are the money? “i asked. Then, i realized that my mind was unintentionally getting rid of all my money simply because i am not ready for it.

I can’t explain it better than T Harv Eker explained it in the book, but i would sum it up like this: If your mind and your body wasn’t ready for big money. even if someone give you  millions of Dollars, your subconscious mind will unintentionally get rid of everything to go back to it’s comfort zone. This is very dangerous. This explained why most lottery winner immediately went bankrupt after a year or two, simply because their mind is not ready to handle that large amount of wealth and will automatically get rid of it. This also explained why when you give the poor millions of dollar, they will still be poor, their mind and body are not ready to be wealthy. You get wealthy from the inside out, not outside in

As for my case, i have now identified a trend where my cash in the bank would reach a certain amount of dollars, then i would feel good and relax myself out. I then went to expensive lunch, dinner, vacation, don’t pay attention to my budget, basically I would spend like a king until it reached down to a certain amount where i would feel uncomfortable. Then i ended up working my butt off again days and night, tight up the budget, cook at home, basically do whatever it take for the amount of the dollars in the bank to raise up to my comfort level, then i let it loose again, either buying something stupid or paying off the debt i don’t really need to pay off at the moment

The vicious cycle continues….

I made a commitment to myself that this cycle will end today. Today, I looked in the mirror, hand touched heart and declared that i am ready for the big money. I want hundreds and thousands and millions of dollars in my bank account, and i will not loose my mind. my focus and my goal are now crystal clear for years to come.

I am so ready to become a Millionaire

What about you? Are you ready?