Today I will host a book study regarding this topic. This is the book that we will study together. As you see, One of the big advantages of real estate is leverage. Investing in real estate involve money but it doesn’t have to be all coming from your pocket. By master leverage, you will excel faster to your goal and at the same time, create prosperity for your family and the people around you.

Given today low-interest rate. one should take the lifetime opportunity borrow as much as they can to invest for example

I will brainstorm and lay out a few method of no and low money down. I will come back and fill in the detail as time permit:

FHA:  Government assistance program 3% down

USSA 0% down: If you served in the military, you are qualified. you deserve it so go get it. just don’t abuse it

SETH: new stuff just came out of the city. a bit scary if you don’t know what you are doing but hey, give it a try, worst case, you walk away from the house with no financial obligation

Heloc: Stand for home equity line of credit. last time I heard in Texas it is 2% promo rate. go get it guy and gal

HEL: similar to HELOC. Just be careful – Have discipline and don’t spend it on toy

Unsecured loan/credit line: bank and credit union started to offer it again. It’s …free or minimal fee

0% APR credit card: Basically 15 months interest-free. If u have good credit. your whole down payment could be on one card. the keep rotating the card. watch out for the balance transfer fee. usually 3% or 5%

Cash-out refinance: If you have cash, buy something at the right price. rehab it right and refinance to take out all your money. Its BRRR..

Hard money: Short-term Money lending base on hard asset. high fee and high-interest rate. but totally worth to do if u plan ahead for a permanent refinance

Seller finance: seller carries the note

Private lender: your family, and friend, or your neighbor Bob next door is looking for a better place to park their cash for more than what the bank is paying. Just Ask

Equity partner: If your family and friends are willing to share the risk, they can participate in the investment as well. 50% of a deal is better than 100% of no deal.

401k or IRA: move the money to a Self-directed retirement account and get some education on this topic. People keep millions of $$ in their retirement account earning nothing. You can help them

Lease Option – Master Lease option: advance strategy often uses by experienced investor

Well. that’s plenty to start already. And if you don’t like any of the above, getting a side hustle, or 2nd job or getting a promotion at your current job to have more income is not a bad deal at all. Just remember – your bottom line cash flow has to be positive. Over leverage is one of the easiest way to ruin your investment career.

The choice is ultimately up to you and your investment philosophy.

Happy investing!