If this podcast is not going to drop your jaw, I don’t know what will. Minh and I was able to have a chance to sit together with Linh Luong for just a short 30 mins and was able to collect so many wisdom and golden nuggets. In this short episodes, We will get to know Linh a little more and we discusses so much about Social media, system and processes, mindset and even Commercial Real Estate that anyone can apply to your own business.

To be able to achieve capping status and well on the way to ICON (among many other things) is an amazing accomplishment that Linh was able to achieve in such a young ages.

I hope this podcast will inspire many other real estate agents and brokers to be the best they can be. Together we will be able to go so much further.

Getting to know Linh.

? 29 years old

? Mother of 2

? Experienced Commercial & Residential Real Estate Agent in Houston, TX

? Capped in 2 month of joining EXP as solo agent

? Helped over 100 families to sell/buy their properties

? Own a Shopping Center

? Own a laundromat

? Met and had lunch with the world famous Billionaire Warran Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway’s headquarters in Nebraska.

?? Her goal? To Icon in November and build the best real estate team in Houston

? Link that was mention in the podcast:

Commercial RE conference: https://www.icsc.com/

Personality Test: https://birkman.com/

Brent Gove Podcast: https://www.brentgove.com/podcast

Mua nhà Houston: https://www.facebook.com/LinhRealtor

Follow Linh on

IG: https://www.instagram.com/linhluong.htxrealtor/

To partner with Linh: https://linhluong.exprealty.careers/

Schedule a zoom call with Linh: https://calendly.com/10xyourrealestate/ and mention Linh Luong in the note