Luckily I don’t have this problem of having my wife to support me with Real Estate, but yesterday a friend just pointed it straight out to me at the bar and we laughed so hard

This is an extension of what he said:

“Dude, you are lucky, your wife learn how to nail a roof and built your house, My wife doesn’t know how to nail a roof, so she keeps on nailing on my head”

I didn’t realize that this is actually a pretty big problem for the starter. Real Estate investing require emotional and capital investment. If your wife is not on board with what you are doing, or she doesn’t want to risk it then yea, she will nail on your head every time you come home from work.

How do you make him or her on board with you then? Here are couple things that I did to drag my wife along in the beginning, and now she is dragging me.

Express your goal with interest and enthusiasm. Everyone has a goal and this is your goal. You want to be rich, wealthy and successful in real estate after all right? If you can’t sell this fact to your wife, then who can you sell it to?

Have friends that do the same thing. If you are the only one is doing it, your partner might feel a bit uneasy, but if you have friends that do the same thing, he or she will feel better warranty.  This is just simply social proof. it works on every idea that you want to sell.

Involve your partners in real estate, either active or passively. Real Estate is such a huge industry, whenever you are an introvert, extrovert, don’t like people, hate people, there will be a job for you. Nobody wants to be a spectator, it’s boring. Involve your partners and let him or her participate. Maybe she could be a passive investor on your deal, or help you run some number, some errand? Once He or she is involved and see the result, see the bank account start filling up, then everything starts to make sense.

Get your partner financial blueprint on the same page. If you are creating wealth and he or she is destroying it then it is not going to work. Learn to work with each other to create a balance between enjoying life now and investing for the future. A good book to read on this is the “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv”

Lastly, have fun with your partners while investing. If you treat thing so serious and get cranky all the time, thing won’t work out.

Happy Investing, see you at the top!