It has been crazy month for me with closing an appointment back to back! I just want to share with you this quick tip that I was able to learn from Cardone University. One simple tip that i was able to increase my chance to with

Remember you are the “selling” agent when representing the buyer. sometimes we forgot. your job as a selling agent is to sell the seller and the listing agent on why your deal is the best deal for them and why they should do business with you.
I always send a selfie video with a summarize of my offer like this:
    • $3000 nonrefundable earnest money
    • Seller to pay for owner title policy (standard)
    • Buyer to pay for Survey (standard)
    • Buyer kindly asking for $450, and in Residential Service Contract (standard)
    • Buyer kindly asking for $2000 in closing cost
    • Closing date to be April 2nd
    • 300$ for 10 days option period
    • Standard 3% agent commission

Good luck!

Video sample: