As a kid most of us know the game of marble. The name of the game is to collect as many marble as you possibly could.

What do you do when you don’t have any marble? You have to find one 1st. You could either dig up around your yard to find one. Or if you are lucky ask your mom and dad and they will provide you some marble.

Some kids are not so lucky. His name is Bubble. Bubble is a dirt poor kid. Bubble neither find any marble in their backyard. Bubble’ parents barely has enough food to eat so they can’t provide Bubble with marble to play either. So what can he do?

Bubble started looking around for way of getting marble and eventually meet Boba, another kid next door. Boba has been in the game of marble for a while and accumulated quite a few marble. Bubble demonstrated his interest in the game and admire Boba for what he has. Since Boba also know Bubble for a while, Boba trust him and lend him some marble. Bubble then promised to pay Boba back all of the marble he borrowed, if not more, and thanks him for the opportunity.

Then Bubble go on with his journey. He would practice shooting marble, day and night until he is super good at it and confident with his skill. Then he would take the leap of faith, go out to the neighborhood and start shooting marble with other kids. Whoever lose has to give up his or her marble to the winner.

Although with lot of practice there are so many talented marble shooter out there on the kid playground and Bubble is losing his marble left and right. Instead of crying and quitting, Bubble keep on practicing even harder. He also keeps on visiting Boba for advice and guidance. With Persistent and consistent, Bubble shooting skill is getting better and better every day. Before he even notice, he is now the kid with the most marbles in his bag on the whole playground

He visited Boba again, pay him back all the marbles he borrowed plus more. Together, they are know are the expert in the game of marble and also help other kids getting started in the game.

Someone in the office asked me today why do i have a jar of marble on my desk?

I told him I love to collect marbles.

I hope i don’t have to tell you to replace the word “marble” with “money” or “Capital” and “Boba” with “Mentor”

If this is what you have


Then this is your goal


Have a good rest of the day.  Go out and get more marble