It will be a short post but i will start to write more about oil as my knowledge in this subject expand everyday. I never really care about oil until i learn that it can actually produce cash flow. I can’t believe i worked for SLB for 3 years and never get to see how the money flow on the other side of the table.

For A typical investor, the only way to invest in oil was to buy an oil stock or ETF. For some reason very feel people is aware of you can actually partner up with a Drilling company to actually drill oil from the ground up and sold it for cash flow.

I will go more detail into the next post but as cap rate kept on compressing in Real Estate, Oil drilling could be an alternative for you to generate great cash flow and especially they have great tax benefit, greater than anything i could think of.  But beware there is a big catch!

April 25 -2019

We drilled/ frac a well and unfortunately all that is pumping up is just water – no oil. The tax deduction is real but seem i would be losing my whole investment. Although i did my due diligence very carefully, this is still prone to be a very risky investment.