Before we do that, let me just share a very powerful negotiation technique to our reader here. it’s call Positioning!

Given this hypothetical example of me walking into the room full of people and yell “look at EXPI now” vs Warren Buffet walking into the room and yell “look at EXPI Now”

The word coming from my mouth and warren buffet mount is exactly the same. But do you think people in the room will listen to me more or Warren Buffet more?

The answer is clear. They would listen to Waren Buffet more. Because his position his way way more strong than me.

Make a note of this before you start negotiation with anything in life. and it will just get easier!

Now back to the main topic! Is it a good idea for New agent to join eXp Realty? I can not play the new card anymore and I have no position to tell you that exp realty is good or bad for new agent, new realtor. So I will let a brand new real estate agent share her story and see if exp realty is a good idea for new agent or not

Enjoy this coolest and short interview with Minh!

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