What you are going to hear is a very different opinion about the eXp Mentor program. As much as I love the company, and I am a Certified Mentor, I do think that new real estate agents need to look at the eXp Mentor program agreements closely and decide if this is the right option for you. If yes, then, how do you pick out the right Mentor? Not all Mentors are created equal, and not all Mentors and Mentees will click with each other for various reasons. Let’s address the fact straight out first before I get too deep into my opinion. What is the eXp Realty Mentor Program? According to eXp Realty. “The Mentor Program provides newly licensed agents with a partner and a path to gain the fundamental knowledge needed to start building a successful real estate career. Each new agent, aka mentee, who hasn’t done at least 3 transactions under their belt, is paired with an experienced agent who has been certified through the Mentor Program. Mentor and Mentee usually share the same geographic area” On top of that, mentees will be enrolled in a 10-module course on real estate fundamentals that will help them jump-start their career in real estate. The workflow is below. eXp Mentor Program Split break down Instead of the regular 80/20. The Mentee split will be 60/40 with an additional 10% going to the mentor and an additional 10% going to the mentor program for the 1st 3 deals. The eXp Mentor program sounded amazing on paper! New agents will get all the support they need. They close their 1st 3 deals, graduate, and know exactly what to do in real estate right? Here comes the 3 main problems: