Just listened to a very cool episode from the Cash Flow Ninja Podcast that talked about Life Settlement Investment. My initial thought about this is that it is like playing lottery with guarantee pay out. Eventually the policy holder have to deceased and you can collect the check.

I am brand new to this topic, but from what i understand, the idea is that you look for a policy holder where they are unable to afford the premium or need to sell in distress for whatever reason – similar to distress houses. You would then negotiate a deal and took over the payment instead of having them losing the policy to the insurance company (very similar to losing the house to the bank). As an investor, you could work out a win win situation where everybody get paid and solve a real problem.

I will look more into this topic in the future but this seems like a great investment to me. This has been around for more than 100 years. I am not sure why it’s not popular. May be this make too much money, all the rich people try to keep it on the low radar?

what are your thoughts on Life settlement investment? who would be the expert to talk to regarding this topic?

In the pictures: Me doing ZipLines in Austin. May be I am a good leads for life settlement investor because i like doing dangerous stuff sometimes.