Feature picture: The Winter Freeze on February 15


Every month on the 22nd. I took a moment to stop, enjoy seeing the revshare coming in, of course, but more importantly, just to reflect what I did so far in the month. If I am off track, at least I still have a couple day before March is over to make it right..So. Let see what i did this month

✅ hiring a CPA

✅ Formalized our corporate structures

✅ hiring a book keeper

I kept on thinking twice about hiring a cpa and book keeper as they are not cheap. but I remember a word from Robert Kiyosaki. The 1st people on your team should be a book keeper. So here I am

✅ made a cool video Jamming everything I have in the last 4 years into 5 mins. You definitely have to check this out

✅ 12 people joined the revshare group for the last 30 days. We are able to brought on a huge team over to eXp so can’t wait to announce that with everyone when the time is right

Wealth Chart Capture March 22nd

✅ working on a sweat equity cut with a client of mine on a deal

Whenever I have a chance, I will rather work for the Equity, and the Cashflow, rather than the commission. I know the commission will take care of the bill today, but it’s the equity, and the cashflow that will take care of you later on and give you more option in life.

✅ Keep busy on the production side with two listing under contract, couples on the buy side. Hustling hard to hit ICON again this year.

✅ Making progress with the city and the architect on our next Airbnb Project..man..Houston housing code is crazy. and seem like they don’t encourage building here, unlike out there in…Montgomery county. Need to wrap this up soon

✅ work with insurance and repairing one of my flooded rental. result came out…..better than expected. When life give you lemon, make lemonade. This is a classic case.

✅ one of our flip finally pending. and just bought another one from one of our favorite wholesaler. kudos to Jenny and Elva. they are killing it.