I got a chance to sit down to organize my note. An awesome event so far. I got a chance to know my colleagues and business partners better and also know some cool people. Here are some highlights that I was able to gather.

Day 1

The high light of day 1 is definitely Tom’s speech. It is always inspiring to hear Tom’s history on how his family came to America via boat, and work his way up from the bottom. I had a chance to have dinner with both Tom and his wife and learn more about him and his family. It is inspiring to see that he is funding his entire daughter’s college education at a prestigious school using only Revhsare check, and doesn’t have to touch any of his nest egg or other income sources


I was able to record a short video with Tom not too long ago at our eXpcon event


I also ran to LuAnn, a mega agent in California with some crazy number of production and closing. I can’t tell you how many home she is closing a month because you wouldn’t believe me.

It is amazing to sit in the same Table with both Tom and LuAnn. Both are successful in a very different way in the company. One focuses on Revshare, and one is just sheerly production. It is up to you on how you want to run your business

Day 2

The Hight light of day 2 is definitely the lunch that Wilco organized. Everyone got up and share their story about how they joined eXp and how it helped with their life.

The thing that stood out the most is most of the people here are used to be Independent Brokerage. Their story is very inspiring since they are able to leverage what eXp has to offer

Gilbert, for example, are happy to get rid of the liability of the broker, and still acting like a broker to his agent. The model at eXp allows you to do so. The management, system, and training are done in the cloud, it will free you up the time for you to do the most important task: Leading your agents.


Here is the short video of me in the lunch.


For me, the main thing about joining a company such as eXp is that it gave me the opportunity to own the brokerage, and cashflow from it. For me, it was a no brainer because if I put my investor hat on. I could not find this opportunity elsewhere.

Where else that you could find a brokerage that lets you own a piece of the brokerage via a stock acquisition program and cashflow from it by attracting other rockstars into the company? with eXp you can now work for cash now, cash flow, and cash later.

Rob, the #1 revshare earner in the company also drew in by our energy and decided to share some off the record story and number. unfortunately, i can’t share it here

Day 3

We are ending day 3 with some phenomenal speech. My favorite is always Wilco and his rag to riches story. Wilco started as a brand new real estate license and within 3 years, he grows his organization to 700 people and there is no need to mention is revshare check amount anymore… This is an example to show everyone that at eXp, everybody was given the same tool and opportunity. It is up to you if you want to take it or not. Everybody has the same tool, and everybody has the same access, same split, same cut. No one is treated more special here at eXp.

Here is my short video with him not too long ago


My sponsor, Jeff, and Amanda were also on stage and sharing their story about how they can sell 280 homes a year, ICON every year, and still able to attract 2 agents a month and grow their group to 400 people in 3 years. you can still sell real estate, and invest in just 4 hours per week for agent attraction. the result is compounding faster than you can imagine


We are ending the night eating sushi with Lucy and her friends. Lucy is the perfect example of successful Asian American businesswomen who listen to her intuition, make her own decision, and seize the opportunity early at eXp. Simply Amazing


The conference also ending with some numbers sharing. as of Feb 2020 we are surpassing 27,000 agents. If everyone in the room adds 10 more agents, there is no reason for us not to hit 45,000 this year. If you think you late think again. The road is now paved, the model is proven and attracting has never been so easier.

And of course, the trip can not complete without Jenny hanging out, putting up with me and support me every step of the way. she is my secret weapon