I didn’t make this post to brag about this deal. But rather motivate and does show people that No money down deal does exist in real estate. even with this booming economy.

Real Estate with a little creativity will yield an extraordinary result. Investing in Real Estate does require money but it doesn’t have to be your own money. If you know how to architect the deal and create a win-win situation for all party involved, you will make money as well


In this particular example. I was able to purchase a house for let say $100,000 directly from the seller. Since the ARV of the house was $200,000, I was able to borrow $80,000 private money to fund the deal. The other $20,000, I simply pull it out from the credit line. Before I could fix it up. A friend offers to buy the house and I was able to pass him the deal, make good money and still left him a bunch of equity in the house.

It doesn’t take money to make money. it takes courage to make money, and sometimes a creative mind to architect a win-win solutions for all parties involved.

If you are still holding on to that thought that you can’t invest in real estate because you don’t have money. This deal simply proves you wrong. wake up, smell the coffee and get your education on