Negotiation is a critical skill for real estate agents. In this competitive industry, the ability to negotiate effectively can mean the difference between a successful transaction and a missed opportunity. Whether you’re representing buyers or sellers, honing your negotiation skills is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key negotiation skills that every real estate agent should master to thrive in the field.

Active Listening:

One of the most fundamental negotiation skills is active listening. When working with clients, take the time to truly understand their needs, concerns, and priorities. Ask open-ended questions and listen attentively to gather valuable information. This not only helps build rapport but also allows you to tailor your negotiation strategy to align with your clients’ goals.

The one who talk more in the conversation is the person that does not have any control. Learn to ask the right question, then listen, let the other party talk. There is a reason that we have two ears and one mouth. The winner always ask more questions, and talk less.

Market Knowledge:

A deep understanding of the local real estate market is crucial. Stay updated on market trends, recent sales data, and property specifics. When negotiating, leverage your market knowledge to your advantage. Being well-informed allows you to make informed decisions and negotiate effectively on behalf of your clients.

Competency is at the core of every business. Marketing is good but you have to know what you are doing. Continue to go to classes and conference to educate yourself so you can act on your client best interest.

You can say have 30 years of experience in Real estate, or you can say you have one year of experience and you repeated that in 30 years. Ouches. which one are you? go to classes and conference please.

Effective Communication:

Clear and concise communication is a cornerstone of successful negotiations. Be articulate in conveying your clients’ offers, requests, and expectations to the other party. Maintain professionalism throughout the negotiation process, fostering a positive atmosphere for reaching agreements.

There is a saying that when emotion runs high, intelligent runs low. Selling is an emotional decision for most buyer and seller. Yes we have to empathize with our client but at the same time, your head has to be cool in order to make rational decision base on number and statistic to protect your client best interest.

You can tell when a real estate agent start to be emotional and start to let it out in his or her communication in the deal. you can tell he or she will end up with the shorter end of the stick.

One book to read on this subject is Everyone communicates but few connect


Real estate negotiations often involve overcoming challenges and finding solutions. Develop strong problem-solving skills to navigate issues that may arise during transactions. Approach problems with a positive mindset and explore creative solutions that benefit all parties involved.


Patience is indeed a virtue in real estate negotiations. Deals can take time to materialize, and emotions may run high. Stay calm, composed, and patient throughout the process. Avoid rushing into decisions and give negotiations the time they need to develop in a favorable direction.


While it’s important to advocate for your clients, be open to compromise when necessary. Flexibility allows you to adapt your negotiation strategy to changing circumstances and find common ground with the other party. Being rigid can hinder the negotiation process.

There are give and take in negoiation especially when the market is turning against you. Learn to be flexibile and offer different options, alternative in a deal is the key to win. The one who has more option usually end up with a better deal. Be flexible, Offer alternative solutions. The best script to use it. “I understand your request completely, but have you thought about x in order to move the deal forward? x is really important to my seller/buyer”


Confidence is a key attribute of successful negotiators. Believe in your abilities and the value you bring to your clients. A confident demeanor can positively influence the negotiation dynamics and convey that you are a skilled and trustworthy agent.

In the world of real estate, negotiation skills are indispensable. By mastering active listening, market knowledge, effective communication, problem-solving, patience, flexibility, and confidence, you can become a highly effective real estate agent. These skills will not only help you close deals but also build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues, ensuring a successful and fulfilling career in real estate.

Confidence is not arogant or cocky. Far from it. Confidence simply show the other parties that you know exactly what you are doing so they don’t mess with you! You can…fake it till you make it, or The best way in my opinion to increase confident is to learn more about the subject that you are pratice in, have mentor, have an amazing support team

Win Win or no deal.

Lastly, i want to discuss the mentality. This is not a hostage negoiation where one side has to loose. The art of the deal is to be able to create a win win situation for all parties invole. Find out what the other person need, what your client need and construct a deal together with the other agents.

Book i would recomend to read is Gap Selling and Pitch Anything